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Our 2016 vintage is a lively combination of Chardonnay, Pinot noir with just a dash of Semillon. Crisp and dry on the front palate, with light citrus notes and the rich chardonnay fruit flavours on the back palate for a long satisfying finish.
Bottle Price $35     Club Price $28


Avalon 2014

An exciting combination of Semillon and Chardonnay that allows the classical Hunter Semillon characteristics of citrus and crisp green apple to be enhanced by the intense fruit flavours of the Chardonnay.
Bottle Price $30     Club Price $24


Semillon Verdehlo

A unique blend of Semillon and Verdelho offering aromas of citrus, pineapple and melon. The green apple overtones give a refreshing crisp finish.
Bottle Price $30     Club Price $24


Extra Perfect

A lovely fruity liqueur Chardonnay with luscious roast peach and nectarine notes.  Delicate and complex floral and nectar notes with excellent length. 375ml
Bottle Price $30     Club Price $24


Rosé 2014

A lovely light Rosé – the palate is fresh and lively with lingering strawberry flavour, with notes of vanilla and toast.
Bottle Price $35     Club Price $28


Ruby 2015

Sparkling Cabernet franc Merlot offers dark fruits, raspberry, strawberry, cherries and violets – the subtle fragrances lift from the glass in every bubble. There is a spiciness to the finish and soft tannins which tantalise the palate. Ruby is sassy and ever so slightly sweet.
Bottle Price $35     Club Price $28


Merlot 2012

A vibrant Merlot offers soft, yet intense, dark fruit flavours on the front palate, with a soft dry lingering finish.
Club Members only (limited stock) Price $35


Pinot Noir 2013

Spiced floral aromas followed by intense flavours of berry dominate the front and middle palates with a long soft finish.
Bottle Price $50     Club Price $40  (Limited stock)


Shiraz 2011

A classic Hunter Valley Shiraz, aged in American oak, a complexity of fruit and spice flavours fill the palate with a pepper finish.
Bottle Price $40     Club Price $32


Shiraz, Cabernet, Merlot 2013

Rich berry aromas with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. There is a pepperiness to the front palate with soft tannins and lingering hints of dark cherries and chocolate.
Bottle Price $35     Club Price $28


Pirates Treasure

This strikingly rich fruit driven liqueur Shiraz. Vine ripened grapes give a subtle sweetness which is contrasted by a white pepper finish.  375mls
Bottle Price $35     Club Price $28


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