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The Last Dance
Jackie Maundrell-Hall
The Last Dance Jackie Maundrell-Hall

Current exhibition:

Once again the Artists Studio Group from Newcastle has graced us with a body of work depicting various moments which have moved them. These works are hung in the Cellar door and restaurant. All works are for sale.

On display are artisan works for sale which include: The amazing hand blown glass art made by Setsuka Ogishi, handmade sterling silver and gemstone jewellery by Emma Telley; beautiful wooden bowls by Stephen James and a small collection of delightful cloisonne enamel buttons by Michelle Gosper.

Past exhibitions:

Just my Art
A constantly changing collection of paintings from the very talented Artist Studio Group. We never know what is going to be delivered – always a surprise!

Up Close
A collection of painting where the artists were asked to look at their world from a close up perspective. A total of 44 works are on display from Jackie Maundrell-Hall, Cheryl Barrett, Annie Palmer, Jill Campbell, Pam Carroll, Jenni Gander and many others.

Women Artists of the Hunter
Various works by Dorothy Wishney, Cheryl Barrett, Annie Palmer, Jill Campbell, Pam Carroll and Jenni Gander.

Through the Window
A collection of works from Dorothy Wishney depicting dreamlike views of still life inside and landscape outside.

The Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire & Water
Various works by Ruth le Cheminant, Corinne Loxton, Liz Perfect and Cheryl Barrett – all depicting wonderful landscapes, in oils, watercolour, ink and pastels.

‘People & Places’

A selection of photographic works from the Gresford Photography Exhibition, including works by Master Photographers, David Oliver, Jacqui Dean and Peter Eastway.

Lovedale Art Trail 2016
A large body of new work by Frances Fussell featuring Koi, inspired by a trip to Wentworth House, Vaucluse. Plus mixed media works by Dorothy Wishney which were inspired by the 12th Century book ‘The Decameron’.

Lovedale Art Trail 2015
Still life works by Frances Fussell, mixed media works by Emma Telley, photography by Brad Page.